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The Traditional Haitian Creole Cuisine


Haitian cuisine originates from several culinary styles brought by the Taíno Amerindians, the Spanish, the French, and the Africans when they populated the Western portion of the island of Hispaniola from the Pre-Columbian era to Haiti's independence in 1804.


The Tainos left their staples, the Spanish  carried their cooked green peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, the French brought their stews and soups, the Africans introduced okra, pigeon peas.


This multi-cultural heritage rendered a method of cooking that is traditionally based on natural spices and herbs, thus making the Haitian Creole Cuisine very delicious and renowned.

A Delectable & Rewarding Culinary Experience!

Rice & Red Beans

As the basis of Haitian cuisine, rice and red beans is Haiti's national dish. It is rooted in Haiti's history and became a tradition. Dried red kidney beans being the most popular.

Rice & Mushrooms

Rice with black mushrooms is particularly cooked on special occasions with either small, medium, large shrimps, crabs, green peas or Lima beans .

Chicken Creole

The term "creole" has evolved from the Spaniards and became part of Haitian lifestyle including the culinary influences of the French, Spanish, and Africans.

Squash Soup

Having this delicious soup on New Year's Day or on Sunday is heavily rooted in the Haitian culture and history. This authentic dish implies a blend of pumpkin and vegetables.

Fried Plantains

This dish particularly rooted in the Haitian tradition is preferably served hot along with Pikliz and deep fried pork, or chicken, turkey, fish, meatballs, and accras.

Sweet Potato Pudding

Excellent source of fiber, sweet potato pudding is so delicious that it can make you bite your tongue. This is a traditional dessert served hot or cold.

Based upon daily culinary experiences and traditional methods to reflect the fundamental principles of Haitian Creole Cuisine, the following recipes represent an excellent guide to the secrets of Haitian cuisine. This unique and creative style of cooking requires a lot of work, patience, sacrifice, hygiene, methodology, and practice. So, embark yourself on this culinary adventure!

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Everyone likes to eat. But, not all foods are created equal. Haitian Creole Cuisine is so delicious and unique that it always suits the palates of the connoisseurs!


Traditionally based on natural spices and herbs, this style of cooking requires creative methodology for a great culinary adventure!


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