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Roasted Turkey (Dinde Rotie)

Cooking a whole turkey seems for many a culinary core given the amount of time it takes to prepare the bird prior to roasting it. Whether it's a family dinner or a greater event, overcoming this daunting task to successfully expose a juicy and mouthwatering roasted turkey must be rewarding. Interestingly enough, the process and techniques used in the preparation are straightforward from the time the turkey is defrosted to the point it's wonderfully roasted. Best of all, the inclusion of our traditional seasonings based on natural herbs and spices will render the roasted turkey unique and delectable.


1 fresh whole turkey (10 lbs)

1 large onion, sliced

½ green bell pepper, seeded and minced

½ red bell pepper, seeded and minced

4 thyme sprigs

6 teaspoons salt

4 parsley sprigs

4 tablespoons margarine butter

6 tablespoons ground spices

2 sour oranges

2 lime juice

2½ tablespoons tomato paste

1 Scotch bonnet pepper

6 cloves

3 garlic cloves

1 kitchen thermometer and flavor injector


1/4 lb ground turkey, seasoned

2 potatoes, cooked and diced

2 carrots, cooked and diced

1 teaspoon vegetable oil


2 tablespoons tomato sauce

1/4 teaspoon lime juice

4 cups water

salt and garlic powder to taste


1.   Defrost turkey overnight and let sit in a container.


2.   Unwrap defrosted turkey from package and dig out liver, heart, gizzard, and neck.


3.   Rinse whole turkey with vinegar inside and out, then clean with 1½ sour orange.


4.   Rinse with fresh water and ensure that no sour orange seeds were left in cavity.


5.   Clean turkey again inside and out with 1 lime along with giblets, then rinse with water.


6.   Bring to a boil 4 cups water with one scallion (root and leaf removed), one garlic clove,

      1/4 lime halve and rinse only turkey's cavity.


7.   Place turkey in deep pot or large tray and prepare seasonings.


8.   In a small bowl, squeeze one lime and half sour orange to extract juice. Add 6

      tablespoons ground spices, 3 teaspoons salt, 2 teaspoons crushed garlic or garlic

      powder, and rub whole turkey with mixture inside and out.


9.   Add 1 large minced onion, half green pepper, half red pepper, parsley, thyme.


10. Attach both wing tips to turkey's skin with sewing thread. Tie legs together as well.


11. In separate bowl, mix 1/2 cup water with 2 teaspoons salt and some seasoning liquid.

      Use a flavor injector to insert the all-natural basting solution underneath the skin as

      well as directly into turkey's flesh all over. In main cavity, rub a little bit melted butter,

      put giblets, some green and red peppers, onion, parsley, thyme, celery stalks to flavor

      inside the turkey. Do the same into turkey neck's entrance. Sprinkle turkey with salt,

      black pepper, and parsley flakes. Let turkey marinate in covered pot before roasting.


12. Rub melted butter all over turkey's skin and place turkey in roasting pan on a rack,

      breast side down to saturate breast with moisture and flavor during cooking. Don't

      have a rack, use aluminum pan, leave turkey breast side up, and cover entirely with

      aluminum foil to form a tent.


13. Preheat oven to 325°, slide in roasting pan and let cook for 2½ hours.


14. Remove turkey from oven, take out aluminum tent foil, remove extra fat from roasting

      pan, remove giblets and place at bottom of pan, flip turkey carefully breast side up on

      rack (if you have it) with a two-pronged meat fork and spatulas, add ½ cup water in

      pan, remaining onion and bell peppers, tomato paste, ground spices, and salt to taste.

      Inject more basting solution into entire turkey, cover roasting pan with aluminum tent

      foil one more time and continue cooking for 1 hour.


15. Remove aluminum foil, baste turkey all over with own sauce, inject some sauce in

      turkey, sprinkle parsley flakes, place back into oven, and let golden brown. Baste over

      and over until brown and cooked (45 mins). Use an instant-read thermometer to check

      if breast reached 165°F temperature and thigh 180° F.


16. Turn off heat, remove roasted turkey from oven, cover with aluminum foil and let rest

      for 30 minutes before serving with stuffing (right) on garnished plate.

u Cooking time depends on individual oven, the turkey's cold temperature and size (up to 4½ hrs).

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Season 1/4 lb ground turkey similar to meatballs recipe. In saucepan, place seasoned ground turkey, add 4 cups water, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon oil, ¼ lime juice, on medium heat and cover.


When water starts evaporating, crush ground turkey, add 2 tablespoons tomato sauce, garlic powder, salt, parsley. Add 1/2 cup diced boiled potato, 1/2 cup diced boiled carrot, mix well and let simmer.


Cooking time 1 hour 40 minutes.

Everyone likes to eat. But, not all foods are created equal. Haitian Creole Cuisine is so delicious and unique that it always suits the palates of the connoisseurs!


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